Established in 2017, OPEN OBJECT is a design-focused ceramic brand based in China. The brand re-interprets the notion of ‘Chinese ceramics’ by integrating modernist design principles with meticulous craftsmanship. OPEN OBJECT seeks the abstract quality of simple forms and the timeless beauty of well-balanced proportions.

OPEN OBJECT has two lines, LAB and MASS. Pieces from the LAB line are exclusively produced in limited number by selected ceramicists and artists. LAB presents the highest level craftsmanship through simple and reduced forms, an approach of sober luxury. The MASS line includes designs that are optimized for mass production techniques. Pieces are thus kept accessible without compromising on the same exacting standards of quality.

Group exhibitions

2019.12.19 - 2019.12.24 Design Retrospective : GOODBYE NOW(Wallpaper*China, Chengdu, China) 2019.10.01 - 2020.01.23 Academic Nominated Exhibition of China’s Contemporary Crafts

(CRAFTS MUSEUM of CAA, Hangzhou, China)
2019.06.26 - 2019.07.22 LOEWE FOUNDATION Craft Prize 2019 (Sogetsu Kaikan, Tokyo, Japan)

2019.01.18 - 2019.01.22 Rong – 6th year SunMao-Chinese Joints (Maison&Objet, Paris, France) 2018.09.11 - 2018.11.11 HC28 x Rising Stars Exhibition (CUUNION, Shanghai, China )
2017.12.14 - 2017.12.17 Ideal Home Show (Expo Exhibition Hall, Shanghai, China)
2017.10.16 - 2017.10.23 mattersofseeing_Mobile Window Project (Ontimeshow, Shanghai, China)

Solo exhibitions

2019.08.31 - 2019.10.10 OPEN OBJECT in the PARK (in the PARK, Shanghai, China)
2019.07.27 - 2019.08.25 Days As Usual (FNJI, Shenzhen, China)
2018.12.08 - 2018.12.13 Continue Continuous Thing (Lixing Square, Shanghai, China)
2017.11.21 - 2017.11.26 OPEN OBJECT x FlipPOP - Dialogue (FlipPOP GALLERY, Shanghai, China) 2017.09.12 - 2017.09.15 OPEN OBJECT 2017 New product launch (Maison Shanghai, Shanghai, China)


2019.12.19 “GOODBYE NOW” (Wallpaper*, Chengdu, China)
2019.11.22 "NEW PATH for NEW CREATOR" (Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai, China) 2019.05.12 “Invisible Nordic Design" ( The Mix Place, Shanghai, China)
2019.03.28 “Make Design Less Design” (TOMORROW SHOW, SNIEC, Shanghai, China) 2017.11.07 - 2017.11.08 Ceramic Workshop at XJTLU


LOHAS 2020.Jan - Product photography
ELLEDECO CHINA 2019.Oct - Product photography
AD CHINA 2019.June - "Open Object 静谧所在 "
ELLEMAN CHINA 2019.June - "2019 Loewe Craft Prize 工艺之美,永不过时 " Madame Figaro CHINA 2019.June - "Craftsmanship Remains"
Wallpaper* CHINA 2019.May&June - "Middle ground"
MODERN WEEKLY 2019.May - "The Beauty of Openness"
LOHAS 2018.Sep - Product photography
Wallpaper* CHINA 2017.Dec - " 侧耳聆听 "
ELLEDECO CHINA 2017.Nov - " 游园记 "
VOGUE CHINA 2017.Oct - "Hygge 当道 "


Nominated for the new year designer - ELLEDECO INTERNATIONAL DESIGN AWARDS 2019-2020 Work "huí" has been shortlisted for the LOEWE FOUNDATION Craft Prize 2019


500 Yunjin Rd
200030 Shanghai, China

OPEN OBJECT 2017 — Shanghai, China